Oversize Insurance, bonding and special requirements


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1. All existing insurance requirements of Alabama, including, but not limited to those of the Public Service Commission shall be observed. In addition the amount of liability or bond specified by Section 32-9-29, Code of Alabama (1975), as amended, is required. No annual permit shall be issued until the applicant furnishes proof that he is in compliance with these insurance or bond requirements. The State of Alabama Department of Transportation 1409 coliseum Boulevard, Montgomery, AL, 36110 shall be listed as a Certificate holder with the applicants Insurance Company and the Department shall be notified by the Insurance Company of any changes in the applicants coverage. Should the insurance or bond become void by expiration, cancellation or for any other reason during the effective period of the permit, the permit shall immediately become forever void. Should the permit holder reinstate his insurance or bond coverage he must re-apply for an annual permit and pay the full price for a new permit.

a. Single Trip Permits

1. All existing insurance requirements of Alabama, including, but not limited to those of the Public Service Commission shall be observed. Proof of the minimum insurance required by the Public Service Commission must be on file with the State of Alabama Highway Department Permit Office prior to a permit being issued to transport a vehicle or combination of vehicles and loads whose width exceeds fourteen (14) feet.


City of chicago

Prior to receiving an overweight vehicle permit, the applicant must:

1. Furnish an Insurance Certificate of Comprehensive General Liability for a minimum of $1,000,000 and an Endorsement in the additional insured portion of the certificate that reads:

“City of Chicago is additional insured, as their interest may appear.”

2. Furnish a Certificate of Automobile Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 for use of any motor vehicle by the applicant conducting business on City of Chicago streets, including parking of the vehicles on the public way. An endorsement in the additional insured portion of the certificate must read

“City of Chicago is additional insured.”

3. Have all policies written by a “Best A” rated insurance company that is licensed to conduct business in the State of Illinois.

4. Provide a Federal Employee Identification (FEIN). Application will not be processed without a FEIN number.

5. Send an original certificate of insurance to the City of Chicago as the certificate holder:

City of Chicago

Department of Transportation

121 North LaSalle Street

City Hall, Room 905

Chicago, IL 60602

*Failure to provide the exact information requested above will result in the rejection of your insurance and the denial of the permit request.

Questions should be directed to Sue Pawlak at:

Telephone: 312-744-4699

Fax: 312-744-6966


Any permit load requires a Certificate of Liability that consist of the following amounts of public liability: $300,000 each accident; $100,000 each person injured; total property damage, $50,000; public property damage, $50,000. The certificate must show the Department of Transportation as the certificate holder and must remain of file for the duration of the permit. This requirement may be found in the Official Rules of the State of Georgia, Department of Transportation, 672-2.03(d).

Georgia Department of Public Safety

Attn: Oversize Permit Unit

P.O. Box 1456

Atlanta, GA 30371



Requires a M-203 form on file. It can be found here https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=2462


Louisiana requires that a certificate of insurance , which insures any damage to state property must be posted at the Truck permit office before any permit is issued for vehicles and loads which are overweight and/or 14 wide or over. The minimum amount of the certificate of insurance must be $100,000 for one trip or $250,000 for a year.

Louisiana Department of Transportation

Truck Permit Office

P.O. Box 94042

Baton Rouge, La 70804

Fax 225-377-7154

Phone 800-654-1433


Mississippi requires that a certificate of insurance is on file with the permit office before a oversize/overweight permit can be obtained. The certificate must be for Auto liability if the load is being hauled and General liability if the permit is for a vehicle that is self propelled.

Mississippi Department of Transportation

P.O. Box 1850

Jackson, MS 39215

Fax 601-359-1602

Phone 888-737-0061

New Jersey

Phone 609-633-9402

Fax 609-599-3859

Insurance Certificate required

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commision-Motor Carrier Unit

P.O. Box 133

Trenton, NJ 08666

New Mexico

New Mexico requires that a certificate of insurance is on file with the permit office before a oversize/overweight permit can be obtained. Proof of coverage of at least $50,000/$100,000/$25,000.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

Motor Transportation Permit office

P.O. Box 1628

Santa Fe, NM 87504


Phone 505-476-2475


If you require additional information you may call (614) 351-5551.

OS32 form is required to be on file with the state.

Completed forms may be mailed to:

    Special Hauling Permit Office 

    1610 West Broad Street

    Columbus, Ohio 43223

 or sent by facsimile to 

(614) 728-4098 or (614) 728-4099.  


TDOT OS/OW Permit Office

James K Polk Building, Suite 800

505 Deaderick Street

Nashville, TN 37243

e-mail to TDOT.PermitOffice@tn.gov


Phone 800-299-1700

Texas requirements


All motor carriers operating in Utah must file proof of insurance with the Department in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations (FMCSR) 387.9. Fax Certificate of Insurance to 801-965-4399

There are many local municipalities and counties that require permits in addition to what is issued by the states. It is advisable that you check with those local authorities when you are traveling on routes that are not authorized on you permit. Some of these local jurisdictions also require insurance on file in order to obtain the necessary permits required to travel on their roads.


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